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Exhibitors & Sponsors 2015

  • bbv Software Services
  • Corscience
  • emlix
  • Express Logic
  • Hitex
  • IAR Systems
  • Infineon Technologies
  • Lauterbach
  • linutronix
  • MicroConsult
  • Noser Engineering
  • PLS Programmierbare
    Logik & Systeme
  • QA Systems
  • Renesas Electronics
  • Software Quality Lab
  • Vector Software
  • Verifysoft Technology
  • Willert Software Tools

Embedded Software Engineering Congress

Thanks to all presenters, exhibitors, sponsors and participants for a
successful ESE Kongress 2014!


The Embedded Software Engineering Congress is a joint event of MicroConsult and ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS. It is the only German-language convention that focuses exclusively and extensively on the manifold issues and challenges with respect to the development of device and system software for industrial applications, automotive engineering, automation, drives, measurement systems, communication systems as well as consumer electronics and medical devices.

The programm will be finalized and published in August.

Review: ESE Kongress 2014

The 7th Embedded Software Engineering Kongress in December 2014 was another huge success. With more than 930 participants from over 391 companies, subsidiaries and universities, the 2014 congress has substantiated the significane of this event.

Basic topics were as much in demand as high-end topics or management know-how. Equal participant distribution over a total of 120 presentations and seminars confirmed that the topics and presentations extensively covered the areas of interest of embedded developers.

The pleasant atmosphere - from relaxed daily breaks to cheerful evening events - made it easy for participants, exhibitors and presenters to get talking. Plenty of positive feedback substantiates the success of the ESE Kongress and makes us look forward to December 2015.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the huge success of the congress. We will be happy to have you on board again this year.

Video Review: ESE Kongress 2014 (German)