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Leveraging Open Source in Embedded Software Projects ( Vortrag )

Google's "Protocol Buffers" on a Medical Device

Referent: Morgan Kita, Zühlke GmbH
Vortragsreihe: Open Source
Zeit: 05.12.18 09:45-10:25




Implementierung, Test & Qualitätssicherung, Wartung, Pflege, Support






The software industry relies more and more on the wealth of reusable assets available from the open source community. Assets that span all branches of software and which allow teams to rapidly speed up development times while simultaneously providing more stable products. However, open source has not always been a clear-cut choice for embedded firmware running on devices in the field. Instead such software is traditionally tailor made or relies on propriety middle ware and is often viewed as closely tied to the intellectual property of the owner. In this case study, a success story is presented from applying Google's open source "Protocol Buffers" framework as the basis for the core communication stack of a pre-production medical device. Included is an overview of the where's and why's of the technology, alternatives, a look at the integration and implementation, licensing considerations, and an analysis of the costs and benefits of the technology in the realm of embedded software.


As a case study, this presentation will address the following major questions:

* What is (or isn’t) Google’s “protocol buffer” framework and why use it?
* What are traditional solutions in this solution space?
* What are its contemporary peers?
* What about making your own framework?
* How does the wire format look and how does a human speak its language?
* What open source implementations are relevant for an embedded project?
* What toolset did we pick @Zuehlke and what did we use it for?
* How did we integrate it into an embedded project with a focus on efficiency?
* What did our resulting communication stack look like?
* What lessons did we learn?
* Can open source be a good fit?

Nutzen und Besonderheiten

This case study is intended to present participants with a success story from the adoption of a leading “open source” framework directly in the firmware of an embedded medical device project. The audience will receive an overview of the technology and framework as well as the related problem and solution spaces. Details will be illustrated of our integration at Zühlke for a specific open source implementation and our resulting communication stack. In the process the pitfalls and lessons learned in applying the technology as well as the theme of open source itself will be made clear. By the end of the presentation, participants will obtain a solid basis for making their own corresponding technology choices and will recognize the power and flexibility in the more direct utilization of open source software in their embedded projects.

Über den Referenten

Morgan Kita has been one of Zühlke Engineering GmBH's expert software engineering consultants for nearly 4 years. There he focuses on the development of embedded firmware for their clients as well as infrastructure for improving the cycle of testing and deployment. In conjunction with 10 years in the biotechnology and game programming sectors, he is a developer with a broad range of software experience and enjoys both learning and sharing ideas on how to get the most out of today's technologies