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Managing Complex Requirements in the Real World ( Vortrag )

Applying the Theories of Requirements Management

Referent: Istvan Demes, Emenda
Vortragsreihe: Requirements
Zeit: 04.12.18 08:50-09:35




Anforderungen definieren und verfolgen, Test & Qualitätssicherung






Defining requirements and specifying project scope is a fundamental step in the classical Software Development model, but they are increasingly difficult to adhere to and enforce in modern development environments and ever-changing circumstances. Based on my experiences while working with various companies, and their difficulties in fulfilling the need for working with proper Requirements, that are very clearly specified in theory, but are much harder to adhere to in the real world. I would like to show what the common hurdles are that developers and architects come across every day, and how certain methodologies and modern tools can help mitigate these problems. Discuss what the importance is of a good Requirements document, and what best practices we can utilize to create them.


Outline problem of Requirements Management in huge real-world projects.
-Describe the basic theory
-Show how it's impossible to adhere to it in the actual world
-What can we do to help?
-Show methods, tools to help us
-Demonstrate benefits of applying these, and how it alters our approach to Requirements
-Recap benefits

Nutzen und Besonderheiten

Benefits would be to raise awareness about Requirements, which I feel has lost their priority in large developments, and their importance is not realised. I’d like to show how giving it the necessary attention and proper weight in the development process, they would help tremendously in large installations and solve many problems that have arisen partly due to neglecting this step. It would also highlight the available tools and methods that can help with achieving this goal.

Über den Referenten

Istvan Demes – I am a graduate of the University of Bath, and a Software Consultant at Emenda Ltd, a company specializing in software quality and software security tools. In the past couple of years, I had the pleasure of working with many major companies all around the world, and see their development processes, while trying to improve and streamline their work.