Call for Papers

Connecting Edge to Cloud: The LWM2M Way ( Vortrag )

Real Project Experience for Secure Device Fleet Management

Referent: Evgeny Denisov, RTSoft GmbH
Vortragsreihe: IoT I
Zeit: 04.12.18 16:45-17:25




Analyse & Design, Implementierung






The talk gives an overview on Ligtweight M2M protocol from the Open Mobile Alliance.Designed for secure device management and provisioning, reliable OTA updates the protocol suits well for many Industrial IoT use-cases. The talk shares RTSoft experience in 7the LWM2M protocol applications, porting efforts and details real project lessons learnt.


- initial project requirements analysis
- Opportunities and approaches for cloud connectivity
- Case-study results
- Lightweight M2M protocol overview
- Designed solution
- Lessons learnt
- Future work

Nutzen und Besonderheiten

The talk stands on a real project requirements to manage a fleet of distributed devices around the World. It shows suitable approaches analysis, describes selected solution,discusses pros and cons and presents results.

Über den Referenten

Dipl. Ing. Evgeny Denisov is the Head of IoT Department at RTSoft. Mr. Denisov has been developing industrial embedded software for 20 years. He has primarily been working on various embedded products system software, middleware, device connectivity and cloud services.