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The “Standards" Way of Modeling ( Vortrag )

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Modeling

Referent: Robert Baillargeon, Sodius Corporation
Vortragsreihe: Modellierung
Zeit: 04.12.18 17:35-18:15
Co-Referenten: Walter van der Heiden




Anforderungen definieren und verfolgen, Analyse & Design, Implementierung






In diverse standards we can observe common themes of abstraction, specialization, refinement and relationship (traceability). Aligning the value of these standards and easing the adoption is the most effective way to improve capability and realize success within an organization. We have applied a ASPICE compliant path to leverage SysML for Systems Engineering, AUTOSAR for Vehicle Design and Software Architecture, and UML for Software Design and Implementation. Using high quality UML tooling and simply targeted bridges, engineers can focus on their designs and have models work for them in developing their solutions. We will demonstrate an example of this solution showing automotive SysML models that transition to AUTOSAR Designs, that are moved to implementation designs (in UML or Simulink), and finally code generation. All the while maintaining simple bidirectional traceability and design artifacts demanded by ASPICE.


* Objective unification of Standards to Support ASPICE Vehicle Development
* Introduction to Standards Applied
* Identification of Value
* Transition Points of Process and Standards
* Methods & Bridges
* Short Example
* Summary

Nutzen und Besonderheiten

The presentation will identify how to extract the value from a set of standards in a symbiotic way. It will address the manner of maintaining traceability and the ability to integrate and pivot to other tools and technologies in the workflow.

Über den Referenten

Robert has 20 years experience in the development of complex systems. Primarily focused in Automotive, he has worked at both at the OEM and the Tier 1 Supplier where he has led process, methods, and tooling. His focus is to improve organizational capabilities and has delivered model driven engineering solutions, code generators, and ALM to industry. He is Vice President at Sodius. Robert has a BS in Electrical Eng from Michigan Tech. Univ and a MS in Software Eng. from Carnegie Mellon Univ.