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The Open Source Road for Connected & Autonomous Vehicles ( Vortrag )

Driving Rapid Innovation through Open Source Software

Referent: Dan Cauchy, Automotive Grade Linux
Vortragsreihe: Automotive I
Zeit: 06.12.18 11:45-12:25


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Software Engineering Management






The race to roll out new technology features and autonomous vehicles continues to heat up. In order to compete at the speed of a tech company, many automakers have shifted from traditional development processes to agile, rapid development through open source software. Automotive Grade Linux (AGL) is an open source project with 120+ members collaborating to develop a common software platform for all in-vehicle applications from infotainment to autonomous driving. Sharing a single platform across the industry reduces development costs, enables rapid innovation and reduces fragmentation. Dan Cauchy, Executive Director of AGL, will provide an overview of AGL and discuss why companies including Toyota, Mazda and Daimler are collaborating to develop shared technologies. He will also share the project roadmap for AGL including functional safety and autonomous driving.


- An overview of open source and AGL
- AGL goals, objectives and why companies are involved
- Update on the AGL Unified Code Base infotainment platform
- Project roadmap for the future including functional safety and autonomous driving

Nutzen und Besonderheiten

While most of the industry has heard the term “open source,” most do not understand what this really means or how an open source project works. This talk will provide an overview of what an open source project is and how it can reduce development costs, enable rapid innovation and reduce widespread fragmentation across the industry.

Über den Referenten

Dan Cauchy has over 22 years of experience spanning the automotive, telecom, networking, and mobile business verticals. Previously, he was the VP and GM of MontaVista’s Automotive Business Unit and served on the GENIVI Board of Directors. Cauchy was responsible for the creation of the GENIVI Compliance Program, which he chaired for three years.