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Accelerating ADAS Applications Fusing Software and Programmable Logic ( Vortrag )

Fusing Software and Programmable Logic Using Heterogeneous SoC

Referent: Adam Taylor, PLC2
Vortragsreihe: Automotive 2
Zeit: 06.12.18 15:35-16:15
Co-Referenten: None




Analyse & Design, Implementierung, Software Engineering Management, Echtzeit/RTOS






Software plays an increasing part in ensuring road safety, being responsible for a range of automotive safety applications from blind spot detection and lane keeping assist all the way to autonomous driving. Correctly architecting the SW solution to enable not only the required functionality and performance, but also allows the architect to achieve the required safety levels while providing the flexibility to grow with the product road map is critical to success. Heterogeneous SoC such as the Zynq MPSoC provide ADAS application developers the flexibility required. These devices combine high performance application processors, real time processors, GPUs and of course programmable logic. This session will examine a recent use case which created a single flexible processing system capable of supporting multiple automotive applications across several vehicles. This was possible due to strict interface control, modular design and reuse of both FPGA and SW elements


After introducing the applications and architecture of the solution, the presentation will focus on the modular software and FPGA architecture as well as the interaction between the two. The software architecture will explore not only the Linux OS and applications running on the application processors but also the communication and life cycle management between the application and real time processors using the OpenAMP framework.
Offloading of functionality to the programmable logic will also be explored along with the roles programmable logic can play in achieving the performance required.

Nutzen und Besonderheiten

Key take aways for attendees will be an understanding of the challenges of automotive application development: How systems can be architected to provide performance, safety and flexibility while maintaining on-time, on-quality and on-cost delivery.

Über den Referenten

Adam Taylor is an expert in the design and development of embedded systems and FPGAs for several end applications. Throughout his career, Adam has used FPGAs to implement a wide variety of solutions from RADAR to safety critical control systems, with interesting stops in image processing and cryptography along the way. Most recently, he was the Chief Engineer of a Space Imaging company, being responsible for several game changing projects.